Are you protecting your computer enough?

Are you addicted to your computer and struggle to tear yourself away from the screen? You have all the best hardware – from 4K monitor to the best gaming mouse? Do you consider it to be your best friend? If yes, are you taking enough care of your friend?

Tech savvy or a novice, everyone should ensure that they are taking the right steps to keep their computer safe and fast. It is your responsibility to protect your computer from viruses, malwares, and phishing attempts. Do you have the following computer habits, if not it’s time to adopt them.

Must-Have computer habits

Vaccinate against viruses: With new strains of viruses attacking humans and computers all the time, it is essential for you to vaccinate yourself against these dangers. Physically you will take a jab, but with your windows you need to install an antivirus program. You can either try a free trial of any antivirus available online or buy it. A few key things that you should do even with a antivirus on board are :

  • Do not open suspicious links
  • Do not install programs from unknown sources
  • Avoid fake web pages.

Backup is your safe: To protect your important documents and jewellery you keep them in the safe; to protect all the data on your computer you do backup. Often, this is one chore that people put off for another time and day; don’t do that or you will regret in leisure. If your system crashes, has a virus attack or is physically damaged you will lose all your files, photos, videos and other important documents. But if you backup, you can retrieve them most of the times. You can also backup online; this way you will always have access to your stuff from anywhere in the world.

Cleaning the computer is as essential as brushing your teeth: Just like you brush your teeth every day to avoid the accumulation of tartar and plaque which will eventually lead to tooth decay, cleaning your computer of unnecessary junk is important. Regular windows maintenance or Mac maintenance will ensure that there is no accumulation of unnecessary junk and your system can run smoothly.

Are you updated: Have you been brushing aside the update pop up every time it appears on the screen? Stop it right now! It is of utmost importance that you update your operating system; you web browser and the extensions too. New infectious malware is attacking PCs and Macs all the time and you need to protect from them. Companies across the world are constantly updating their software to counter these attacks. Hence, you too should update your system to prevent any malware infestation that will destroy your system and have access to all your confidential files.

Get rid of extra baggage: Unknown to you a lot of applications run in the background; temporary files and cookies too make home in your system slowing it down considerably. Get rid of this extra baggage by uninstalling these applications and deleting all the cookies and temp files.

If you do all the above your PC will serve you without problems for years to come.