Bitcoin Stock Exchange

This topic has made a great start with the dealing of virtual currency. An exchange of digital information that allows buying or selling goods and services is called cryptocurrency. The transaction mainly maintains its security and trust by performing its transaction through peer to peer computer network.

Transaction Properties

  1. Irreversible: After a confirmed transaction, that particular transaction cannot be reversed at anytime by any means.
  2. Fast and Global: Transactions are propagated quickly in the network and are confirmed in a matter of minutes, as it happens in the worldwide of computers. So they completely hide the physical location of a particular transaction.
  3. Pseudonymous: Neither the transactions nor the accounts are connected to the real world entities.
  4. Permissionless: It’s freeware software and can be downloaded by anyone at anytime. Once it is been installed, transactions of any cryptocurrencies can be done.
  5. Reliable: This cryptocurrency is locked by a public key cryptographic system. Except for the owner of the private key, no one can send cryptocurrency. Secured cryptography and the big use of numbers make it impossible to hack the system. This helps us achieve a good authorization, balanced verification, prevention of double spending, accurate delivery of assets and the records can never be altered.

Above properties can be achieved in real time at relatively low cost.


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In general, the stock exchange is a process where traders can buy and sell shares, stocks, bonds,and other financial properties. Stock exchanges provide securities to the stock exchanges. One type of cryptocurrency is bitcoin. This cryptocurrency can be got through four ways:

  • Exchange: A cryptocurrency exchange is the one in which regular coins can be exchanged with cryptocurrencies. It is similar tothe BTC type of cents.
  • ATM: A cryptocurrency ATM which acts in a similar way of cryptocurrency exchange.
  • Service: Through a high rated service through which a seller helps trading with the cryptocurrencies. It is like a local exchange.
  • Trade: Buying or selling goods or services helps exchanging cryptocurrencies.

These cryptocurrencies can be stored through the Bitcoin Wallet. This storage can be done in three means:

  • Full client: The owner has full control over the transactions from beginning to end without depending on the third party.
  • Lightweight client: Partially relies on a third-party client.
  • Web client: Depends fully on the third party. Opposite to full client.

Cryptocurrencies are subjected to scams, so it is always good to have detailed information and reviews from experts.

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