Online banking- a boon or a bane?

Online banking- a boon or a bane?

Online banking is ht one most of us use in recent items despite traveling to banks and do transactions directly. But we do not know whether it is really beneficial for us or not. It is very simple to use online banking and what we have to do is create a unique user id and password to open the e-banking page. It is also possible to do online banking through any platforms like smartphones, laptops and even tablets.

Would you like to know online banking is a boon or a bane in this modernized technological world?

Come, let us get into the topic and learn some new things about it and update our knowledge on the banking sector.

I could definitely say net banking is a great boon for the people especially the persons who cannot travel more because it reduces the need for direct traveling to the home banks. We can just log in our id and do whatever transactions we would wish to do within a few minutes. As a result, we are able to save both time and energy.

Direct banking transactions is a great tedious process. The users must make a visit to the banks, fill up the necessary forms wither withdraw or deposit, wait in a lengthy queue for more hours and finish up the transactions.


The audience could first initially check about their safety and security in anything they choose. In net banking, safety is less when compared with traditional banking because there are infinite chances for the corruption of the computer system and so we must be very careful while doing some important transactions. Even power failure and unstable internet connection may lead to a lot of confusions to the people. So, we must be very conscious of the connections before we start doing something in net banking.

Due to technological development, hackers might hack personal details and misuse it. The confidentiality of data is very low and so we must check whether is it safe to proceed or not.


The communication gap between people and bankers is the main disadvantage of online banking. If we go for traditional banking, where we can get a lot of connection with the new people and thus we can improve our knowledge. But in e-banking, as we are not meeting any person directly, there is no need for talking and sharing trending matters with anyone.


Thus concluding that there are pros and cons in both offline as well as online banking. The way we use both the options matters a lot and so try to go with the trending technology changes and move on with it to get more exposure.



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